Denbighshire’s Finest Restaurants

IN Accommodation / Activities / October 24, 2019

Fine dining in Denbighshire at its very best.

Whether you’re visiting Denbighshire for a fun-filled adventure, or are just looking to take it easy for the weekend, you’ll need to eat at some point and, luckily for you, there are a handful of excellent restaurants open all year round which make for a perfect mid-holiday treat or pitstop during your break. Full disclosure: some of these places are a short driveĀ outside of Denbighshire, however, they will always be well worth the trip we can assure you!

Take a trip to one of these excellent restaurants in Denbighshire, and don’t forget to let us know how you enjoyed your trip:

Tyddyn Llan

Regularly featured in major publications such as The Good Food Guide and The Good Hotel Guide, Tyddyn Llan is the brainchild of Bryan Webb, an internationally respected chef who has spent over 40 years cooking. The restaurant is set within a sumptuous historical building (which also serves as a hotel) and has garnered praise from all corners of the world, in addition to being awarded a Michelin star.

Barratt’s of Tyn Rhyl

We’ve already mentioned Tyn Rhyl as a must-visit historical sight in its own right, but whilst you’re there you may as well stop by for a bite to eat. The food at this double gabled house is fine dining by way of Wales. Fresh Welsh produce is placed front and centre at this restaurant, allowing you to properly get the taste for the local culture whilst soaking the refined delights of a home that dates back to 1672.

Berties at Ruthin Castle


Ruthin Castle was a frequent haunt for King Edward VII (known as Bertie by his family), the King loved nothing more than to spend his time at the castle drinking fine wines and eating gourmet cuisine, a lifestyle choice that you can indulge in yourself when you visit Bertie’s Restaurant. The pan-European influenced menu is perhaps a little more adventurous than the King might have sampled in his day, but that shouldn’t stop you from nipping in for a bite to eat.

Pale Hall

Fans of Downton Abbey will no doubt delight in the grand architecture on offer at Pale Hall, but they may still baulk at the cost of dinner. Make no mistake, Pale Hall is a luxury fine dining experience that comes with the price tag that you’d expect from such a proposition. If you really want to push the boat out you could consider staying the night in one of the eighteen decadent rooms on offer there.