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Meet the minds behind DiscoverDenbighshire.co.uk

Charles Langdon

Once a headmaster at a local Boy’s School, now a retiree with too much time on his hands, Barry is a Denbighshire lad born and bred. Growing up in Llangollen, he spent his youth on the canals of Denbighshire, walking across the valleys and discovering everything that there is to know about this fantastic region of the world. Although he has always favoured an outdoor trek, over a day spent inside, sometimes the Welsh weather does dictate a tactical retreat indoors which has led to him becoming quite the authority on local tea rooms and cafes.

Barry Andrews

Starting out as a tourist to Denbighshire, Barry kept on coming back until he decided that the didn’t want to leave! Serving in the hotel industry for the majority of his working career, Barry still dips his toes in the Hospitality waters, consulting small hotels and B&Bs on how to improve their businesses. His passion for the region is only matched by his enthusiasm for excellent customer service, which is why, despite owning a handsome bungalow in Llanelidan, you’ll more than likely find him staying in one of his favourite guest houses around the region.

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